Prospero Consulting Group 

About us

Prospero Consulting Group is a small, hands-on practice that works both directly with clients and in select instances on a special project basis within other consulting firms' programs.  As it benefits the client, we also work in syndication with long-term, senior associates. 

The short version: We are interested in supporting the development of new companies and new programs that foster innovations and bring them to market.  We are a driver of clear alignment of strategy, resources and business processes that enable effective marketing and customer and partner engagements. Complexity, problem solving and pivotal synthesis are just the ticket.

What immediately differentiates us from the crowd is our depth of hands-on experience in business management and a range of commercial and military technology markets, including nearly every category of digital, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices and IP, across design automation (EDA), graphics hardware, mobile and wireless components and systems, enterprise and mobile software, and photonics components.  We have gained this experience both in corporate executive and marketing roles and as communications managers and consultants. We also have corporate experience in legal and environmental crisis communications management, internal process development and change management.  We have created and managed international technology events. 

Our approach is different as well.  We frankly disdain the usual agency practices that too often leave clients with shallow results and an uneasy feeling about the value of the whole process.  We do the work mainly through senior associates, and while we will use junior people in appropriate roles, a senior person is always the main point of contact with the client.  We know the territory and expect to be in-close and hands-on, whether we are working with your marcom manager, marketing group, partners and channel, senior team, or board and investors, not to mention your development and applications engineers.

While we start from well-proven platforms and have a very rigorous delineation of alignment and marketing programs, our process is quite dynamic and specific to client needs.  It is in every case driven by  focus, clarity, imagination, discipline and integrity.  It is never "an answer in search of a problem." 

Our clients are often early phase and small companies that need to establish their identity and value proposition, then conduct an effective launch (or relaunch) and build momentum.  When appropriate we can provide a sure-handed virtual marketing director to fill gaps in a startup team's business and marketing experience.  We are also a good fit for repositioning a division or a new program launch at a large client.  While we have maintained long term relationships with large clients, and small ones as they have grown, we have also seen several dozen through successful IPO and acquisition strategies.

Prospero Consulting Group takes its name from the protagonist of Shakespeare's last play, The Tempest.  In our efforts we modestly aspire to the transformative power of Prospero's rational magic.  As shown in the header photo, we enjoy carving magic wands in our spare time.  The bard's Prospero, before he retires from the practice, sets all things right in his realm.  We're working on it.